Learn the definition and meaning of etiquette. Also you will learn about business and office etiquette. This also includes etiquette of communication like telephone and email etiquette and finally also the etiquette of global corporation.

1. Etiquette definition

The most common definitions for etiquette are:

Cambridge: "the set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations"


Wikipedia: "Etiquette is the set of conventional rules of personal behaviour in polite society, usually in the form of an ethical code that delineates the expected and accepted social behaviors that accord with the conventions and norms observed by a society, a social class, or a social group."

2. What etiquette means


  • good behavior p's and q's
  • proper behavior
  • social graces

3. business etiquette


3.1. office etiquette


3.2. etiquette in the workplace


3.3. etiquette global corporation


4. etiquette of communication


4.1. etiquette of email


4.2. telephone etiquette