Liquibase supports many databases. You can even support different databases at the same time with Liquibase. But what are the "super"-types of Liquibase, which represent the equivalent database types?

1. Using the right data types for multi database support

Liquibase helps you to manage your database schema. If you use the right Liquibase data type, the mapping down to the right data type on your database will be in the right way. Also you need to know how to map this data type to the corresponding Java data type, which will be shown in following tables.

1.1. Integer data types

The integer based data types.

  • Liquibase int
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type
    int DB2 INTEGER Integer Long
    int Derby INTEGER Integer Long
    int Firebird INT Integer Long
    int H2 INT Integer Long
    int Hsql INT Integer Long
    int Informix INT Integer Long
    int MSSQL [int] Integer Long
    int MySQL INT Integer Long
    int Oracle INTEGER Integer Long
    int Postgres INT Integer Long
    int SQLite INTEGER Integer Long
    int Sybase INT Integer Long
    int SybaseASA INT Integer Long
    int Unsupported INT Integer Long
  • Liquibase mediumint
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    mediumint DB2 MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Derby MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Firebird MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint H2 MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Hsql MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Informix MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint MSSQL [int] Long
    mediumint MySQL MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Oracle MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Postgres MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint SQLite MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Sybase MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint SybaseASA MEDIUMINT Long
    mediumint Unsupported MEDIUMINT Long
  • Liquibase bigint
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    bigint DB2 BIGINT Long
    bigint Derby BIGINT Long
    bigint Firebird BIGINT Long
    bigint H2 BIGINT Long
    bigint Hsql BIGINT Long
    bigint Informix INT8 Long
    bigint MSSQL [bigint] Long
    bigint MySQL BIGINT Long
    bigint Oracle NUMBER(38, 0) Long
    bigint Postgres BIGINT Long
    bigint SQLite BIGINT Long
    bigint Sybase BIGINT Long
    bigint SybaseASA BIGINT Long
    bigint Unsupported BIGINT Long
  • Liquibase tinyint
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type Java type
    tinyint DB2 SMALLINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Derby SMALLINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Firebird SMALLINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint H2 TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Hsql TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Informix TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint MSSQL [tinyint] Short Integer Long
    tinyint MySQL TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Oracle NUMBER(3) Short Integer Long
    tinyint Postgres SMALLINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint SQLite TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Sybase TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint SybaseASA TINYINT Short Integer Long
    tinyint Unsupported TINYINT Short Integer Long

1.2. Floating point data types

Assuming you have an option to test your migration on a local database, which you can rebuild from scratch or from backups. All these following steps assume, that you have a backup!

  • Liquibase float
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type
    float DB2 FLOAT Float Double
    float Derby FLOAT Float Double
    float Firebird FLOAT Float Double
    float H2 FLOAT Float Double
    float Hsql FLOAT Float Double
    float Informix FLOAT Float Double
    float MSSQL [float](53) Float Double
    float MySQL FLOAT Float Double
    float Oracle FLOAT Float Double
    float Postgres FLOAT Float Double
    float SQLite FLOAT Float Double
    float Sybase FLOAT Float Double
    float SybaseASA FLOAT Float Double
    float Unsupported FLOAT Float Double
  • Liquibase double
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    double DB2 DOUBLE Double
    double Derby DOUBLE Double
    double Firebird DOUBLE PRECISION Double
    double H2 DOUBLE Double
    double Hsql DOUBLE Double
    double Informix DOUBLE PRECISION Double
    double MSSQL [float](53) Double
    double MySQL DOUBLE Double
    double Oracle FLOAT(24) Double
    double Postgres DOUBLE PRECISION Double
    double SQLite DOUBLE Double
    double Sybase DOUBLE Double
    double SybaseASA DOUBLE Double
    double Unsupported DOUBLE Double

1.3. Decimal data types

  • Liquibase decimal
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type
    decimal DB2 DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Derby DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Firebird DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal H2 DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Hsql DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Informix DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal MSSQL [decimal](18, 0) Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal MySQL DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Oracle DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Postgres DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal SQLite DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Sybase DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal SybaseASA DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
    decimal Unsupported DECIMAL Decimal BigDecimal
  • Liquibase currency
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    currency DB2 DECIMAL(19, 4)  
    currency Derby DECIMAL  
    currency Firebird DECIMAL(18, 4)  
    currency H2 DECIMAL  
    currency Hsql DECIMAL  
    currency Informix MONEY  
    currency MSSQL [money]  
    currency MySQL DECIMAL  
    currency Oracle NUMBER(15, 2)  
    currency Postgres DECIMAL  
    currency SQLite REAL  
    currency Sybase MONEY  
    currency SybaseASA MONEY  
    currency Unsupported DECIMAL  
  • Liquibase number
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    number DB2 numeric BigDecimal
    number Derby numeric BigDecimal
    number Firebird numeric BigDecimal
    number H2 NUMBER BigDecimal
    number Hsql numeric BigDecimal
    number Informix numeric BigDecimal
    number MSSQL [numeric](18, 0) BigDecimal
    number MySQL numeric BigDecimal
    number Oracle NUMBER BigDecimal
    number Postgres numeric BigDecimal
    number SQLite NUMBER BigDecimal
    number Sybase numeric BigDecimal
    number SybaseASA numeric BigDecimal
    number Unsupported NUMBER BigDecimal

1.4. Boolean data type

  • Liquibase boolean
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    boolean DB2 SMALLINT Boolean
    boolean Derby SMALLINT Boolean
    boolean Firebird SMALLINT Boolean
    boolean H2 BOOLEAN Boolean
    boolean Hsql BOOLEAN Boolean
    boolean Informix BOOLEAN Boolean
    boolean MSSQL [bit] Boolean
    boolean MySQL BIT(1) Boolean
    boolean Oracle NUMBER(1) Boolean
    boolean Postgres BOOLEAN Boolean
    boolean SQLite BOOLEAN Boolean
    boolean Sybase BIT Boolean
    boolean SybaseASA BIT Boolean
    boolean Unsupported BOOLEAN Boolean

1.5. String/character data type

  • Liquibase char
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    char DB2 CHAR String
    char Derby CHAR String
    char Firebird CHAR String
    char H2 CHAR String
    char Hsql CHAR String
    char Informix CHAR String
    char MSSQL [char](1) String
    char MySQL CHAR String
    char Oracle CHAR String
    char Postgres CHAR String
    char SQLite CHAR String
    char Sybase CHAR String
    char SybaseASA CHAR String
    char Unsupported CHAR String
  • Liquibase varchar
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    varchar DB2 VARCHAR String
    varchar Derby VARCHAR String
    varchar Firebird VARCHAR String
    varchar H2 VARCHAR String
    varchar Hsql VARCHAR String
    varchar Informix VARCHAR String
    varchar MSSQL [varchar](1) String
    varchar MySQL VARCHAR String
    varchar Oracle VARCHAR2 String
    varchar Postgres VARCHAR String
    varchar SQLite VARCHAR String
    varchar Sybase VARCHAR String
    varchar SybaseASA VARCHAR String
    varchar Unsupported VARCHAR String
  • Liquibase nchar
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    nchar DB2 NCHAR String
    nchar Derby NCHAR String
    nchar Firebird NCHAR String
    nchar H2 NCHAR String
    nchar Hsql CHAR String
    nchar Informix NCHAR String
    nchar MSSQL [nchar](1) String
    nchar MySQL NCHAR String
    nchar Oracle NCHAR String
    nchar Postgres NCHAR String
    nchar SQLite NCHAR String
    nchar Sybase NCHAR String
    nchar SybaseASA NCHAR String
    nchar Unsupported NCHAR String
  • Liquibase nvchar
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    nvarchar DB2 NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar Derby VARCHAR String
    nvarchar Firebird NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar H2 NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar Hsql VARCHAR String
    nvarchar Informix NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar MSSQL [nvarchar](1) String
    nvarchar MySQL NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar Oracle NVARCHAR2 String
    nvarchar Postgres VARCHAR String
    nvarchar SQLite NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar Sybase NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar SybaseASA NVARCHAR String
    nvarchar Unsupported NVARCHAR String
  • Liquibase clob
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    clob DB2 CLOB String
    clob Derby CLOB String
    clob Firebird BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT String
    clob H2 CLOB String
    clob Hsql CLOB String
    clob Informix CLOB String
    clob MSSQL [varchar](MAX) String
    clob MySQL LONGTEXT String
    clob Oracle CLOB String
    clob Postgres TEXT String
    clob SQLite TEXT String
    clob Sybase TEXT String
    clob SybaseASA LONG VARCHAR String
    clob Unsupported CLOB String

1.6. Temporal / date / time data type

  • Liquibase date
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type  
    date DB2 date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Derby date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Firebird date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date H2 date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Hsql date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Informix date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date MSSQL [date] java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date MySQL date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Oracle date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Postgres date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date SQLite date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Sybase date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date SybaseASA date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    date Unsupported date java.util.Date java.sql.Date
  • Liquibase datetime
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type  
    datetime DB2 TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Derby TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Firebird TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime H2 TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Hsql TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Informix DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(5) java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime MSSQL [datetime] java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime MySQL datetime java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Oracle TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Postgres TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime SQLite TEXT java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Sybase datetime java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime SybaseASA datetime java.util.Date java.sql.Date
    datetime Unsupported datetime java.util.Date java.sql.Date
  • Liquibase time
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type  
    time DB2 time      
    time Derby time      
    time Firebird time      
    time H2 time      
    time Hsql time      
    time Informix INTERVAL HOUR TO FRACTION(5)  
    time MSSQL [time](7)      
    time MySQL time      
    time Oracle DATE      
    time Postgres TIME WITHOUT TIME ZONE  
    time SQLite time      
    time Sybase time      
    time SybaseASA time      
    time Unsupported time      
  • Liquibase timestamp
    Liquibase DB Type Java type Java type  
    timestamp DB2 timestamp java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Derby TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Firebird TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp H2 TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Hsql TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Informix DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION(5) java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp MSSQL [datetime] java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp MySQL timestamp java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Oracle TIMESTAMP java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Postgres TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp SQLite TEXT java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Sybase datetime java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp SybaseASA timestamp java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp
    timestamp Unsupported timestamp java.util.Date java.sql.Timestamp

1.7. UUID data type

  • Liquibase uuid
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    uuid DB2 char(36) UUID
    uuid Derby char(36) UUID
    uuid Firebird char(36) UUID
    uuid H2 UUID UUID
    uuid Hsql char(36) UUID
    uuid Informix char(36) UUID
    uuid MSSQL [uniqueidentifier] UUID
    uuid MySQL char(36) UUID
    uuid Oracle RAW(16) UUID
    uuid Postgres UUID UUID
    uuid SQLite TEXT UUID
    uuid Unsupported char(36) UUID

1.8. Binary data type

  • Liquibase blob
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    blob DB2 BLOB Byte[]
    blob Derby BLOB Byte[]
    blob Firebird BLOB Byte[]
    blob H2 BLOB Byte[]
    blob Hsql BLOB Byte[]
    blob Informix BLOB Byte[]
    blob MSSQL [varbinary](MAX) Byte[]
    blob MySQL LONGBLOB Byte[]
    blob Oracle BLOB Byte[]
    blob Postgres BYTEA Byte[]
    blob SQLite BLOB Byte[]
    blob Sybase IMAGE Byte[]
    blob SybaseASA LONG BINARY Byte[]
    blob Unsupported BLOB Byte[]

1.9. Function type

  • Liquibase function
    Liquibase DB Type Java type
    function DB2 FUNCTION  
    function Derby FUNCTION  
    function Firebird FUNCTION  
    function H2 FUNCTION  
    function Hsql FUNCTION  
    function Informix FUNCTION  
    function MSSQL [function]  
    function MySQL FUNCTION  
    function Oracle FUNCTION  
    function Postgres FUNCTION  
    function SQLite FUNCTION  
    function Sybase FUNCTION  
    function SybaseASA FUNCTION  
    function Unsupported FUNCTION