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Ihre Anzahl an Produkten nahm in den letzten Jahren zu?
Ihre Anzahl an Verkäufen nimmt stetig zu?
Sie erschließen neue Länder? Länder die in die Batch- oder Backupzeit fallen?
Ist die IT-Lösung fähig auch für einen 24h und 7 Tage-Betrieb durchgängig erreichbar zu sein?
Es gibt sogar Probleme wie fehlende Skalierbarkeit, Performanceprobleme oder zu hohe Wartungskosten?


Software Health Check


What does it mean?

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Our Software Health Check has two main components: analyzing the architecture and analyzing the source code quality of your Software.



For whom is a Health Check recommended?

For Owner of Software Products where the Code has not the intended quality - whatever developed inhouse or outsourced. One or multiple reasons can require a Software Health Check, mostly the Software velocity is not as fast as it should be. Or the stability or scalability of the Porduct get from time to time in trouble. In addition your maintainance procedure is tremendous. Or your costs in case of adaptations / upgrades are too high. In such cases a Health Check is highly recommended.


How does the Health Check running?

Step 1: Formailties

After first clearence with you we will set up our contract with your company which also includes an non-disclosure-agreement. We ensure the confidentiality of your code and all business processes. Clear the appropriate scope for your Software Health Check - which depends also on the amount of involved stakeholders and branches.

After this you will provide us the most critical code and your documentations. If parts of the documentation are missing or in all missing - we never the less can operate our checks but documentation helps us to reduce our testing time.

Step 2: Assesment

First there will be interviews of one of our experienced Xenovation Software Engineers with involved stakeholders within one or two weeks. The assesment results will be supplied in a presentation of our Engineer. The results leads to the best applicable methodology and the current used level of them.

Second your architecture model for your code will be created of a highly qualifed software architect of Xenovation best relating to your technology and industry. The architecture model will be analyzed and recommendations on architectural changes will be provided. Anyway your implementation can be on a high level - but if your architecture is not fullfilling your needs - your software will not running well or maintenance issues will arising.

Third is to analyze your source code through our experienced software engineers supported by specific tools. Best practices of programming are used as a scale including documentation, exception handling, tricky constructions, duplication and some more. 

Which results can I expect?

You will get a detailed Report with one analysis and one adjustment recoomendations section:

Analysis section:

  1. Survey of your current Software Health Condition with change recoomendations classified in non-critical and critical changes.
  2. More detailed survey of the current architecture and consolidated change recommendations
  3. More detailed survey of the current soruce code quality and consolidated change recommendations

Adjustment recommendations:

  1. In-depth assessment of the current architecture
  2. In-depth recommendations on the changes of architecture
  3. In-depth assessment of the current source code
  4. In-depth recommendations on the changes of the source code

After your report review we can do in a sepearate order or included a cost determination of the non-critical an critcal recommended changes.


Agile Methodology


Step 3: Roadmap


Step 4: Coaching