You search for new opportunities as a professional-level full-stack Software Engineer (Developer) in Java and JavaScript?

Great, we are sure we have something interesting for you, read on...

Who we are?

Xenovation is a Software Engineering company which helps enterprises either to create web application for automating high business complexity or to handle high load of concurrent users. This level on consultancy requires a very high technical expertise. Xenovation's team is looking for its next passionate, highly skilled, self motivated Software Engineer along with:

  • Someone as excited about developing robust and highly innovative software
  • Someone who wants to be part of a team of reliable, confident, thoughtful people who are enthusiastic about beating their own goals and together even achieve higher targets.
  • Someone who has the desire to work in a startup like environment with fast changing technologies along with very agile organization.

It sounds like you?
Let us have a talk, we are excited to meet you.

As a Intermediate Software Engineer you will:

  • code, document and do automated testing in Java and JavaScript
  • help the seniors and principal software engineers to design the software
  • Develop innovative application and work with current and industry leading technologies
  • Demonstrate a high level of object-oriented design practices and patterns
  • Show deep knowledge on current frameworks and technologies
  • support technical members
  • Take ownership of components and modules of software products with quality and user experience
  • Collaborate with other talented engineers, architects and product managers in agile projects

You bring to with you:

  • Track record of developing and maintaining large-scale software projects
  • Experiences in web product-oriented companies like SaaS or service oriented web applications
  • Demonstrated ability and skill to pro-actively finish tasks, projects and issues with industry standard tools
  • Mastery of Source Control Subversion/Git feature branching and handling
  • high level of knowledge of JavaEE web technologies along with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, XML/JSON, Eclipse
  • solid knowledge in responsive web UIs, preferably with AngularJS or reactJS
  • English at least CEFR level B2 preferably C1 or higher


  • Extensive experience with front-end development tools and technologies such as AngularJS/reactJS, grunt, responsive design, vanilla JS, TypeScript and so on with front-end focus
  • Extensive experience with SQL on ACID-databases
  • Extensive experience with REST APIs
  • Extensive experience with automated testing, continuous integration and delivery tools (CI/CD) for testing and automating work
  • Experiences with runtime containers/CaaS (docker, kubernetes, ...)